Travel Navigator™ Lands in EMEA

Travel Navigator™ Lands in EMEA

TORONTO, April 5, 2017 /CNW/ – Travel Navigator™, by Ingle International, has expanded its offerings to the insurance and finance industries, as well as educational institutions worldwide.

For insurers, the native mobile apps allow eligible users to access their e-wallet insurance cards in the application, top up their insurance, and manage their travel. Financial institutions have integrated the software into client web portals and direct click to call customer service phone lines as part of their credit card service offerings. Within education, Travel Navigator™ provides inbound and outbound students health, travel, and security content to help students and their chaperones prepare for upcoming trips, travel safely, direct dial assistance providers, as well as communicate via SMS, email or push notifications. Chaperones can track students, or administrators at home can track travelling chaperones.

Travel Navigator™ has a flexible platform and is a fully managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology that allows organizations to integrate their central service offerings, third-party groups, and back-office providers. The mobile app can be configured to fit the needs of different organisations and at its core provides functionality and member engagement to enhance and support its client’s businesses. Travel Navigator™ unifies and showcases client’s brands by integrating these services into one mobile experience.

“Travel Navigator™ provides clients with a future proof evolving platform to engage their end-consumers with context rich content and tools that drive brand loyalty and product differentiation. To be relevant with consumers, products and services must have a mobile strategy; Travel Navigator™ simplifies client processes to deliver in mobile,” says Scott Howard, VP Strategy at Ingle International.

Marketing from their Paris, France and North American offices, Travel Navigator™ continues to work with clients and members in all areas of the travel industry, with plans for greater expansion in Africa, China, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and the Middle East.

Travel Navigator™

Travel Navigator™ provides mobile and web based applications, for global travelers, offering all-in-one platforms for medical, security, and travel resources.

Ingle International

Ingle International is a consumer-friendly service provider with expertise in travel insurance, health care, security, and member engagement services. Promoting consumer best-practices since 1946, the company provides plug and play solutions that drive revenue and enhance customer engagement for the financial services, health care, and loyalty program sectors. Ingle has invested in developing industry-proven products and infrastructure in the fields of technology, services, and customer assistance solutions that are scalable, adaptable, and marketable. Ingle International’s innovation and expertise stem from a company culture deeply rooted in robust technology and assistance.

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