Travel Navigator™


The power of proactive care.

Whether you’re in Group or Retail, Third-Party or Resale, Travel Navigator™ offers your customers a service they can immediately use and enjoy, helping you stand out from the competition and establish trusted partnerships in the process. Adding Travel Navigator™ to your line of products allows you to provide your clients with a turnkey and affordable travel risk management solution—one that meets their Duty of Care needs. And by giving customers access to your existing products and services from inside a single app, Travel Navigator™ enables smart cross-selling/upselling in an enjoyable, easy-to-use environment.

From business trips to study abroad, Travel Navigator™ makes travel smarter, safer and more enjoyable. Whatever your industry, Travel Navigator™ is here to help.


Effortless risk management—effortless peace of mind.

For Corporations and Educational Institutions with a Duty of Care responsibility, Travel Navigator™ is your affordable, turnkey solution to your travel risk management needs. Minimize costs associated with travel incident while keeping your employees and students safe, secure, and healthy. Not just for emergencies, Travel Navigator™ unlocks a better travel experience, giving students and employees the essentials they need to get the most out of their travels.

Travel Navigator™ helps engage young mobile users and can help them with proactive information for unfamiliar places, or travel alerts if there is cause for concern.

Craig Reynolds, The Fine Print 


Because at the end of the day, it’s all about the travellers under our care. When work sent Jeffrey to a foreign country for three months, he was confronted with a potentially dangerous situation. Through Travel Navigator™, Jeffrey was able to better understand the safety concerns in his area and get in touch with his home office for additional security and support.

“Thanks to Travel Navigator™, I was able to feel safe, supported, and relaxed while working abroad. When I heard about a kidnapping in town, I was concerned for my well-being. I needed to know if I was safe.”