Travel Navigator at the International Travel Crisis Management Summit

Travel Navigator at the International Travel Crisis Management Summit

The annual International Travel Crisis Management Summit (ITCMS) brings together some of the world’s leaders in crisis management. And at this year’s summit, our very own CEO Robin Ingle was in attendance to discuss some of the innovations behind Travel Navigator with fellow members of the industry.

Travel Navigator, a web and mobile travel safety solution, uses the latest technological advancements to keep travellers safe when they’re on the go and help employers and schools fulfill their duty of care for travelling members and students. An innovative application that’s constantly being upgraded, Travel Navigator fits right in at ITCMS as part of what’s next for travel crisis management around the world.


How Travel Navigator empowers its users

At the event, Robin sat down with interviewer Anita Mendiratta to discuss the ways that Travel Navigator is able to mitigate risks and offer peace of mind to students, businesses and all types of travellers around the globe.

With over 40 years in insurance, counter terrorism, close protection deployment, Robin has married his skills with technology to produce a unique location-based software applications used by millions around the world to enjoy their travels, businesses to feel confident their duty of care has been met and governments to welcome new arrivals.

Robin’s message? Everything considered, the world is a safe place. And while there are risks to travelling, by not travelling we risk robbing ourselves of exposure to other parts of the world, where we can make connections and gain broader perspectives that help make the world a better place.

With its wealth of relevant, comprehensive travel resources and the ability to keep travellers constantly connected to the assistance they need, Travel Navigator empowers travellers to explore the world without fear of the unknown.Awarding champions of crisis management

Held on November 8, this year’s summit also featured the “Champions of Challenge” awards, presented by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism. The awards recognized leaders who have made a difference in times of crisis around the world.

We were honoured to take part in this event alongside fellow leaders in the travel industry from around the globe.

Find out what else was on this year’s ITCMS agenda here.



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