To Embrace Duty of Care Solutions and Client Services, Choose One Platform

To Embrace Duty of Care Solutions and Client Services, Choose One Platform

Business Issue

Travel is risky because it places people in unfamiliar environments, yet it has become an integral part of conducting business. Corporate organizations are largely focusing on responsible travel management and duty of care solutions in order protect and engage their travelling members, compete effectively, and provide access to services in a centralised location.


User Experience

The pervasiveness of consumer technology means that all business sectors must adapt to survive. With technology giants such as Amazon, Apple, and Google setting the status quo, employees have come to expect, demand, and use exceptional digital services  during their day to day, and especially while travelling. As such, a user-friendly mobile experience is integral to maintaining satisfaction, safety, and loyalty.


Mobile Necessity

Mobile solutions have evolved into a business imperative, forcing organizations to be agile and innovative in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Still, many organisations do not have the time for innovation in technology and continue to move cautiously and remain siloed.


Duty of Care

Mobile technology has become ubiquitous in the travel industry. Apps for alerts, telemedicine, translation, mapping and more are flooding the market. A mobile duty of care solution is particularly important for travellers for prompt and reliable information and services at the touch of a button.

There are huge opportunities for businesses to capitalise on the shift to mobile duty of care, particularly in engaging ever-connected business travellers. Travel risk management requires collaboration between many internal stakeholders in a company (such as: human resources, legal, risk management, medical, travel, and security) making it more important than ever to streamline processes and create ease among mobile travellers.


Relevant and Convenient Information

Travelling employees are often not aware of their company’s duty of care or travel risk management program. According to GBTA,80% of employees think their company has the legal obligation to ensure their safety while abroad and 54% carry no specific contact phone number for use in a crisis.” It is crucial for organisations to not only track and be communicative with their employees, but provide easy access to products, services, assistance, health information, and destination details to keep them safe and informed in one central portal.


Next Step

To attract and engage members, organizations need to match cross-sector service trends by embracing mobile technology. Travel and security navigation solutions can capture mobile members and support successful duty of care and travel management.



Travellers find it challenging to navigate foreign security and health information on their own, or remain up-to-date with travel advisories and warnings. Relevant information is often fragmented and time consuming to find. In contrast, an all-in-one integrated platform gives members a single, unified offering of all their travel, health and security resources, so they can easily access all the information they need from one source at any time. If your member encounters a difficult situation away from the office, your corporation should have a succinct and easy to use duty of care program in place to help them.


Seamless Integration

A duty of care solution integrated with your organization services allows members to find information quickly and easily. A client portal makes it easier and faster to discover the services that are most appropriate for a member’s unique needs and allows opportunity for upsell and cross sell.

Keep Up

To remain relevant and competitive, and to increase engagement among travelling members, consider embracing an integration hub and duty of care solution. All-in-one solutions for organisations that include a duty of care solution with destination information, real-time alerts, traveller-tracking, embassy finder, healthcare facilities locator, and emergency assistance integration are a simple and realistic opportunity for organisations in industries including insurance, security, assistance, healthcare, and education.

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