Robin Ingle on What to Know Before Visiting the Dominican Republic

Robin Ingle on What to Know Before Visiting the Dominican Republic

Over the past year, the Dominican Republic has seen the deaths of 10 vacationing North American travellers—including one Canadian. While local authorities have attributed a number of these deaths to heart attacks or pulmonary edema, more information is still awaited in many of these cases, and some of the travellers’ families have raised concerns about the circumstances of their loved ones’ deaths.

For anyone hoping to visit the Dominican Republic, these sorts of reports can be unsettling to hear. As investigations into these cases continue, CTV News called on Travel Navigator™ CEO Robin Ingle to discuss the situation and share what those thinking of heading south need to know.

In the interview, Robin emphasized that in spite of alarming headlines, travellers shouldn’t be afraid to continue their travels—they simply must be cautious. There is no conclusive evidence at the moment to warn travellers away from the Dominican Republic. And yet, no matter where your destination might be, staying prepared for emergency situations is key.

Here are some of the steps that Robin recommends all travellers take before they head abroad:

  • Be mindful of what food and drink you consume
  • Always stay aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t do things you wouldn’t do at home
  • If you feel unsafe somewhere, leave
  • Take steps to secure your valuables

For more on this topic, watch Robin’s full interview with CTV News.

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