In the wake of the March 22 Brussels attacks, the latest terrorist event to strike Europe, Ingle International is highlighting the importance of the duty of care that organizations have toward their own. These seemingly more frequent attacks underscore the evolving travel landscape and the need to keep travellers safe and informed.

Travel Navigator™ is Ingle International’s duty of care offering, with a custom white-labelled application and web dashboard as part of its travel risk management services.

“Our solution helps employees be informed travellers and stay aware of their surroundings, while giving organizations a valuable tool to take a proactive approach to employee health and safety,” says Robin Ingle, CEO of Ingle International. With respect to the attacks, he adds: “It is important to understand, however, that these types of attacks are exceedingly rare in developed countries. Travellers are much more likely to face problems such as flight cancellations and medical issues.”

The Travel Navigator™ team closely monitors security environments around the world and analyzes each element of the security equation, including geopolitical conditions, underlying societal tensions, cultural norms, and other factors. With over 70 years of experience in the field, Ingle International has a unique capability to understand all aspects of global affairs and paint a comprehensive picture of specific security environments around the world, on a local or regional scale.

The team at Travel Navigator™ was closely following the events in Brussels as they unfolded the morning of March 22, providing real-time alerts and updates to users in Europe and across the world.

These travel risk management services allow organizations to track and communicate with their employees, members, or students, whether they are at home or abroad. Being able to locate members or employees through GPS tracking and communicate with them immediately after an event like the one in Brussels is crucial to providing vital duty of care functions.  This solution ultimately gives organizations the peace of mind that their members are safe.

In addition, Travel Navigator™ provides travellers with the education, consultation, and destination-specific information they need in order to be prepared for their trip, along with real-time alerts and a one-touch connection to 24/7 emergency assistance.

At the end of the day, terror attacks are extremely rare occurrences. Western Europe experienced a higher rate of terror attacks in the latter half of the 20th century than it has in the first decade and a half of the 21stcentury. Civil unrest and severe weather, although lower profile, remain a much higher threat to personal safety than terror attacks. Travellers need to stay informed and be prepared, but also ensure that any personal safety measures they take are proportionate to the probability and severity of the threat.


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