Go Go Gadget Robin, Part Deux

Go Go Gadget Robin, Part Deux

TechTO is home to a brilliant community of Canadian technology leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts. They regularly host meetups, with the most recent events focusing on networking, sales, health, and finance.

During a recent meetup on travel, the first of its kind, Robin Ingle talked about travel industry trends, perceptions of concierge, and Duty of Care. He also gave a hint of what the future of travel is going to look like with geo-tracking functionality in web and mobile applications like Travel Navigator™.

Robin is the head honcho behind Travel Navigator™, which provides a one-stop destination for medical, security, and travel information before, during, and after a trip. With Travel Navigator™, users can learn of immunizations they need, locate health care providers around the world, find travel advisories on high-risk countries, as well as access and be accessed by 24/7 multilingual assistance providers via geo-tracking, and more.

Robin was thrilled to connect with the TravelTechTO community, as well as take part in the energetic Q&A session that followed his talk. He looks forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Are you curious about more tech talks by Robin? Read about his experience with tech guru and good friend Steve Mann at the Cyborg Code of Ethics summit.

Beyond Robin’s business ventures, you will never see him without a smart watch, iPhone, and Android at all times. One is exclusively used for games. He even has a collection of spy gear dating back to the ’80s. Go Go Gadget Robin!

Watch his presentation on TechTO’s YouTube channel.

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