Ingle International

Ingle International has been providing insurance, health care, and emergency assistance services since the founding in 1946. Continual innovation has kept Ingle International at the forefront of the industry with a legacy spanning over 75 year. 

Near Threat

Near Threat is a web-based service designed to provide consolidated, real-time information on the status of various types of threats around the globe. Our cutting-edge A.I. sifts through billions of points of data everyday to give you the critical information you need in a single interface designed for your needs.


AF24 provides worldwide medical and travel assistance services to individuals, groups, and organizations. Multilingual assistance professionals work closely with global companies to provide member support over the phone, on the web, through mobile apps, or on the ground in the event of a medical emergency anywhere in the world.

Ingle Health

Ingle health delivers the best-in-class travel and student health insurance around the globe. Renowned for their expertise and ability to work with clients, Ingle Health™ in known for providing  customized options and solutions for international students for optimal coverage at the best price.

2 Study Group

2Study Group provides essential health and travel insurance for students studying abroad, made up of, and Together with innovative on-demand services such as: mental health support, travel security, risk management and legal assistance, we help students, to be students.

Novus Health

Novus Health is a leader in health navigation. We deliver personalized support, reputable information and health-related services in one single destination, using technology to help individuals make informed health decisions.